02Sometimes matrix multiply operations are hard to see and understand. With this small application done in C++ in Qt I try to show how a matrix multiplication of range equal three is done. 


What is a matrix multiplication?

Matrices are used constantly on our lifes: video-games, the weather, design, the queue of your supermarket (markov chain), well, as you can image it is used in all, that's why it's important to undertand them.




This application allow you to "debug" your matrix multiplications step by step until they finish. How to work with it?

  1. Fill both A and B matrices either using the button or by hand.
  2. Press step button and check out the new value on the C matrix. The A and B cells computed will be highlighted.
  3. Continue pressing step button until it finish.





As always, the code is available here. In a near future I'll extend the application to be able to work with other dimensions and real numbers.