Ecaparate Interactivo de Actividades Turísticas (EIAT)


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EIAT is a centre of turistic activities. It has a recommendation system and a search module to help to users to find their perfect activity. Each activity belongs to a company and has its schedule and phone. It's possible locate it in a map too.

Users can vote and save their favourites activities. All registered users can receive customized recommendations. Mobile application is available for the users. Any company can sign up in the system and start to show their activities to users. The hotels can manage their activities and notifications too. All companies are able to monitor their impact "by checking the statistical basis"


System components

  • Users system
  • Recommendation system
  • Activity manager for all companies (include hotels)
  • Notification manager for hotels
  • Statistical system
  • Google Maps and Charts integration


Software definitions

Web application keys:


Mobile application keys (Android native application)

  • Customized Listviews
  • SQLite interaction
  • Asynctasks
  • HTTP interaction
  • JSON transactions