Quake 2 Agents

Quake 2 Agents
14 October 2013

The final practice of Artificial Intelligence was to develop a smart team agents for Quake game. Here is the result.

You can download the package and play with them.

Instructions (Windows):

  1. Unzip the package into "c:\pub\tmp" folder (create if not exists)
  2. Launch "c:\pub\tmp\quake2-3_21\shortcuts\Dedicated Server - Map 1 + Cheats" or "c:\pub\tmp\quake2-3_21\shortcuts\Dedicated Server - Map 1". Server.
  3. Launch "c:\pub\tmp\quake2-3_21\shortcuts\Connect Interactive Client". User window.
  4. Launch "c:\pub\tmp\quake2-3_21\dist\MiBot 1" for 1 bot or "c:\pub\tmp\quake2-3_21\dist\MiBot 4" for 4 bots. Bots application.
  5. Have fun!
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