Here you can see several examples made for career

Quake 2 Agents
14 October 2013

The final practice of Artificial Intelligence was to develop a smart team agents for Quake game. Here is the result.

You can download the package and play with them.

Instructions (Windows):

  1. Unzip the package into "c:\pub\tmp" folder (create if not exists)
  2. Launch "c:\pub\tmp\quake2-3_21\shortcuts\Dedicated Server - Map 1 + Cheats" or "c:\pub\tmp\quake2-3_21\shortcuts\Dedicated Server - Map 1". Server.
  3. Launch "c:\pub\tmp\quake2-3_21\shortcuts\Connect Interactive Client". User window.
  4. Launch "c:\pub\tmp\quake2-3_21\dist\MiBot 1" for 1 bot or "c:\pub\tmp\quake2-3_21\dist\MiBot 4" for 4 bots. Bots application.
  5. Have fun!
Huffman compressor
File Size:
1.70 MB
27 October 2013

Huffman compression is an algorithm based on Huffman codification. This application allow you test benefits of Huffman compression in texts.



  1. Decompress the file. Password "diegonieto.org".
  2. Write a medium-long text into "Texto" column.
  3. Click on "Crear codificación". Then you will see the codification for each character.
  4. Finally, click on "Codificar texto" to codify the text. A new window will show the compress rate and the file size.


Of course you can decompress the code. Also is possible load, save and clean the text, compress text and codification table.


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