triangleOpenGL is an specification which defines an API multi language and multi platform to build applications in 2D and 3D. In this first blog entry I'll build a example will show first a dot in a window and the, a triangle.



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467px-ArbolCodigoHuffman.svgA Huffman compressor is a compressor based on the Huffman Codification. This algorithm examines the text counting the frequences of each character. Then, it makes a new codification using that frequences. For example, in order to reduce the space, it`s easy to see that if we store 'C' letter 5 times as 0, 'A' letter 2 times as 10 and 'B' letter 3 times as 11 we achieve reducing the size compared with binary codification:



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http-requestWhen a browser is trying to download a webpage it is necessary to perform, at least, these steps before it gets the content:

                  1. Resolve the host name, i.e., obtain the IP associated to that domain
                  2. Connect a socket to the IP
                  3. Write on the socket the request
                  4. Read the socket data

In this article I will try to decribe some of them using both Qt and clib sockets.

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5995-hd-needle-thread-wallpaperFrom long time ago threads are needed in programming to overlap operations which don't depend between them. Nowadays, with the multi-cores is something basic for every application if you want to achieve a good performance.  This introduce some problems like accessing shared variables at the same time by several threads or synchronize tasks on the code. I will try to cover how to deal with these topics on C++11 analyzing the executions with helgrind, a Valgrind tool. 

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