On the previous building linux kernel entry we learn how to configure, modify and install a downloaded linux kernel version on our Ubuntu distribution. In this tutorial, we will use an existing configuration from the available from each supported architecture. Later, it will be tested on an open source machine emulator called QEmu which supports ARM architecture, unlike Virtual Box.

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Shaders are the modern way to work with vertex. They are little functions provide us a great flexibility to transform the vertex through a standard pipeline.



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lu 03LU factorization is a popular method to decompose a matrix as the product of a Lower triangle and an Upper triangle matrices. Lot of simulations perform the solving of a given system of linear equations. In general, the resolution of these systems is quite hard so matrix decomposition method is frequently used to subdivide the problem. As it's easier to solve a triangular matrix than a standard matrix, this is usually the first step on many simulations.

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http-requestWhen a browser is trying to download a webpage it is necessary to perform, at least, these steps before it gets the content:

                  1. Resolve the host name, i.e., obtain the IP associated to that domain
                  2. Connect a socket to the IP
                  3. Write on the socket the request
                  4. Read the socket data

In this article I will try to decribe some of them using both Qt and clib sockets.

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